The fishing has not changed at all. You can still fish East off the White Stake in 60ft of water, you can run South to the rockilne in 60ft of water, or you can run West to the rockline in 60ft of water. Same program in all three spots, dipsys back 130 on a 3setting, riggers down around 40ft range, some guys are pulling broads and running jet divers, and bodybaits back 150ft and leadcore 7 to 10 colour is also working.



Well unfortunately the 38th annual salmon and walleye (pickerel) hunt hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 185 has come to an end. The Legion would like to announce the winners of the the two week tournament from the  dates June 30th-July 15th. The winners are as followed:

Junior Walleye (Pickerel) Winners:

1st- Ryan Pickering-7.43. lbs-29 1/2 in. 2nd-Bryce Smith-7.19.lbs-29 1/2 in. 3rd-Cohen McDougall-7.14.lbs-29 in. 4th-Kayden Nevills- 6.98.lbs-28 1/2 in. 5th- Gaven Verscheure- 6.58.lbs-28 in. 6th-Nolan Kettlewell- 6.55. lbs-28 1/2 in. 7th- Ryder Tracy-6.38.lbs-26 1/2 in.

Junior Salmon Winners:

1st- Mitch Formiller- 6.24 lbs-27 in. 2nd- Cameran Jackson- 5.14 lbs-26 1/2 in. 3rd- Payton Graham- 5.05 lbs- 23 1/2 in. 4th- Meeru McDougall- 4.92 lbs-23 1/2 in 5th- Morgan Paine- 4.83 lbs- 23 1/2 in 6th- Jesse Harrison- 4.43 lbs- 25 in. 7th- Jessica Smith-Markham- 4.13 lbs- 24 in.


Grand Prizes

Walleye (Pickerel) Winners:

1st- Doug Schoonjans- 10.28 lbs- 30 1/2 in. 2nd- Ray Fox- 10.11 lbs- 30 1/4 in. 3rd- Bill Gardiner- 10.09 lbs-30 in. 4th- Richard Ainsworth- 9.71 lbs- 30 in. 5th- Steve Kuglin- 9.56 lbs- 30 in. 6th-  Jason Iles- 9.56 lbs- 28 3/4 in. 7th- Jason King- 9.46 lbs- 27 1/2 in.

Salmon Winners:

1st- Jan Graves- 10.31 lbs- 31 in. 2nd- Eugene Guenther- 9.22 lbs- 30 1/2 in. 3rd- Matt Speed- 8.90 lbs- 20 1/2 in. 4th- JD Hack- 6.38 lbs- 28 1/2 in. 5th- Yvonne McCormick- 6.55 lbs- 30 1/2 in. 6th- Graham Manning- 6.44 lbs- 27 1/4 in. 7th- Stu Ferrin- 6.44 lbs- 26 3/4 in.

Largest Sheephead- Andrew Binga- 11.06 lbs- 28 1/4 in

Largest Silver Bass- George Kelvin- 2.02 lbs- 16 in

Thank you too everyone who came out  and fished  the derby this year. The Legion would also like to thank all of the sponsors for this years derby.

Platinum Sponsors

Erieau Marina, Canadian Tire, Ridge Landfill, Community Trust Fund

Gold Sponsors

Clarke Drainage, Chatham Kent, Willow Ridge Golf And Country club

Silver Sponsors 

Xtreme Marine, South Side Landing, Bay view Bliss Cabins

Bronze Sponsors

Molly ands Ojs, Libby Manufacturing, Bayside Brewing, Cuda knifes, Eau Buoy variety, The Summer Place, Ontario Charter Boat Association, Cannon Down riggers, Silver Streak Spoons, Raymarine, Sobeys, Shimano, Seachoice, Waddick Fuels, Okuma Reels, Rapala, Scotty, Libro, Victory Ford, Erieau Glasswork, Flintstone Lures, Kumma Cups.

Thank you again for your participation!! 




The walleye fishing is still awesome. Nothing has changed, start at the White Stake and troll East out to 65ft of water. Running dipsys back 130 to 150 on a 3 setting and rigger down around 55ft.   So they are picking up a few steelhead South of the harbour 16 miles out pasted the tip of the rock, they are saying riggers down around the 60ft range and dispsy back 180 on a 3 setting.


July 14th

Salmon: King 10.31Lb 31in  Jan Graves

Pickerel: 10.28lbs 30 1/2 in Doug Schoonjans

JR: Board

Salmon: 6.24lb Bow Mitch Formiller

Pickerel: 7.43lb Ryan Pickering

Sheephead: 11.06  Andrew Binga

Silver Bass : 2.02lb George Kelvin

Daily Draw: Gerry Franssen