Well the fish have moved after the wind on Thursday.  They are fishing 90 degs East until you hit the rockline middle two number 48/14 and trolling East and West. There was no program the fish were all over, but Jerry Lee and Shrewsberry ProKings were working well.



The weather looks great for the weekend. We had a blow day yesterday, but the day before they still took a lot of fish at the same spot. Start at the West side of the rockline middle two #08/58 and trolling South along the rockline . Talking to the charter boat captains they are still running the same program 100ft back on a 1, 140 ft back on a 3 and rigger down 35ft to 45ft, alos running hotlips back 200ft off the boards and taking a few walleyes.



The fishing has not slowed down at all, they are still doing every well on the steelhead and a few walleyes.  They are still running South to the West side of the rockline middle two numbers are 08/59.  Just talked to the charters and there are running the same program as the last five or six days. Dipsys back 100ft on a 1 setting, back140ft on a 3 setting riggers down 40 to 50ft, and they are picking up some walleyes off the hotlips back 200ft off the planner boards.