07-10-19 0

Sorry everyone got busy, As for the walleyes they seem to be every where, boats are fishing the Point of Pins, straight out starting in 50ft all the way out to the tip of Rock line, also SW 215deg to the horseshoe (rockline).

Everything is working well, from plannerboards, dipsys and the riggers, just have to find the depth. They are also picking up a few steelhead in these locations.


Rainbow; 6.96lb  David Osborne

Walleye; 10.65lbs Gary Kalita

Jr Rainbow; 5.86lbs Morgan Paine

Jr Walleye; 7.92lbs Tyler Wilcox

Sheephead; 7.58lb Eugene Guenther

Silver Bass; 2.04lb Kayden Nevills

Daily Draw: Ken Nevills