06-27-14 0

Looks like the walleye are even closer, we fish in 45ft to 50ft of water off the Rifle Range middle two 12-00  last night and took 29 of them. Which is 230 degs out of the harbour about 5miles, not vary far.  Planner boards worked the best for us last night, running body baits down around the 30ft make, which was 180ft back, and the best colour was green and orange belly. Talked to and other boat yesterday that took 6 steelhead South of the harbour in 65ft of water, go figure orange was the best colour for them.  Come on out, it is going to be a great weekend for the start of the 34th annual fishing derby, and Erieau Marinas 18th annual open house.You can also stop at the ship store and get your ticket, coffee and the hot lures. Taylor’s Fisheries is here on the 28th and 29th from 11am to 7pm with the fish and chip truck, it is awsome perch.


Big Salmon     Jack Noble        9.20 King

Big Walleye    Gage Butler      10.02

Jr  Walleye      Daniel Rodger   8.04

Jr  Salmon      Conor Core        4.46 Rainbow


Daily Draw      Sherry Broadbent    Cedar Springs