07-02-19 0

Well the walleye fishing has been very good. Still running the same program, 35ft down on the riggers and 145 back on a 3 on the dipys. Lots of guys are fishing off the point of pins in 60ft of water, while others are fishing straight out to 65ft of water. We have also heard of a few more rainbows being caught. They are catching some big fish for the derby, so get out there and get after them.

Rainbow; 6.21lbs Paxton Holmes

Walleye; 10.65lbs Gary Kalita

Jr Rainbow; 5.02lbs Dylon Hoekstra

Jr Walleye; 6.86lbs Ryder Tracy

Sheephead; 5.77lbs Chris Smith

Silver Bass; 1.56lbs Emma Nevills

Daily Draw: Heath Oakes Troy