07-07-16 0

They did good again yesterday, their was boats East at the White Stake and fishing North along the Yellow Buoys, and then some boats also went Due South out to 58ft of water. Seemed they were both running the same programs with dipsys and purple and orange spoons.  They were also running Hotlips off the planner boards back 150ft  and catching a few.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon/Rainbow: Dick Mcilroy – Erie Beach: King Salmon 15.09 lbs 32.75″

Pickerel: Brad Kugun – Sarnia: 10.21 lbs 31.5″


Salmon/Rainbow: Mitch Formiller- Michigan: Rainbow 7.84 lbs 28″

Pickerel: Laurin Ainsworth- 9.14lbs Eriebeach

Daily Draw: Lori Scack  Chatham

Sheep head – Jesse Harrison – Essex: 1.90 lbs 16.5″