07-04-16 0

It was a beautiful day for fishing yesterday as locals were catching Pickerel and trout off the point SE of the channel in 55-65 feet of water and at the horse shoe SW of the channel in 60-70 feet of water. Purple and orange spoons or pink and silver body baits seemed to be doing the trick with lines set approximately 30-40 feet deep however, in the late afternoon fish seemed to be higher up so locals fished approximately 15-25 feet deep.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon/Rainbow: Dick Mcilroy – Erie Beach: King Salmon 15.09 lbs 32.75″

Pickerel: Brad Kugun – Sarnia: 10.21 lbs 31.5″


Salmon/Rainbow: Mitch Formiller- Michigan: Rainbow 7.84 lbs 28″

Pickerel: Ben Granger – London: 8.82 lbs 30.25″

Daily Draw: Sarah Anderson – Erieau

Sheep head – Jesse Harrison – Essex: 1.90 lbs 16.5″