06-30-19 0

Well the first day of the derby was great, lots of boats on the water and there were no waves. So most of the fish I heard being caught was at or around the Point of Pins, from 40ft to 60ft of water. I heard fishing the top 15ft early in the morning, then they moved down to the 20s.  Dipsys back 100ft on a 3, 75 back on a 2.  Riggers down 25 to 35ft.

Rainbow; 6.17lbs    Ben Grywacheski

Walleye; 8.07ibs Yvonne McCormick

Jr.Salmon;   No Entry

Jr Walleye; 6.86lbs Ryder Tracy

Sheephead ;5.72lbs  Chris Smith

SilverBass; 1.23lbs Kyden Nevills

Daily Draw;  Dan Mifflin