07-15-18 0

The walleye fishing is still awesome. Nothing has changed, start at the White Stake and troll East out to 65ft of water. Running dipsys back 130 to 150 on a 3 setting and rigger down around 55ft.   So they are picking up a few steelhead South of the harbour 16 miles out pasted the tip of the rock, they are saying riggers down around the 60ft range and dispsy back 180 on a 3 setting.


July 14th

Salmon: King 10.31Lb 31in  Jan Graves

Pickerel: 10.28lbs 30 1/2 in Doug Schoonjans

JR: Board

Salmon: 6.24lb Bow Mitch Formiller

Pickerel: 7.43lb Ryan Pickering

Sheephead: 11.06  Andrew Binga

Silver Bass : 2.02lb George Kelvin

Daily Draw: Gerry Franssen