07-11-17 0

They found some fish South of the Harbour 3 to 5 miles yesterday and a lot of the boats are still West up between the rifle range and Dealtown fishing that 55ft of water. They are still catching good mixed bag and still fishing in the top 25ft of water.  Only a 9.73lb Steelhead is leading, come on out you have 6 days to get a bigger one.


Derby Leader Board

Salmon: Terry Fiala 9.73lb Rainbow

Pickerel: Steve Kuglin 11.06lbs

Jr. Board

Salmon: Daniel Rodger  11.23lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Jesse Harrison  8.47lbs

Other Categories

Sheephead: Janet Formiller  7.09lbs

Silver Bass: Rob Stewart  2.06lbs

Daily Draw: Joseph Verscheure