07-04-17 0

The fishing was good again yesterday, most of the boats were fishing straight out and East off the Point of Pins again.  There is no real pattern other than they were fishing the 25ft of water. They seem to catch more Walleyes than steelhead. Running plannerboards with bodybaits back 100ft, dipsys back 50 to 75 ft on a 3 setting and the riggers down 25 to 30ft and catching some on the slider.


Leader Board

Salmon : Terry Fiala 9.73lb Rainbow

Pickerel: Steve Kuglin 11.06lbs

Jr. Board

Salmon: Daniel Rodger  11.23lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Drake Duplessis 8.2lbs

Sheephead: Brad Kugum  6.17lbs

Silverbass: Rob Stewart  2.06lbs

Daily Draw:  Nathan Speed