07-02-17 0

The fishing picked up yesterday, they caught lots of steelhead and walleyes 3 to 4 miles South of the harbour.  They were fishing up in the top 20ft, some were running 3 colour leadcore, dipsys back 50 to 75 on 3 setting, and riggers down around the 25ft,  pink spoons and Jerry Lee seem to be what they are talking about.

Leader Board

Salmon : Peter Lubbers 9.02lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Mark Dicarlo 8.99lbs

Jr. Board

Salmon: Daniel Rodger  11.23lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Cohen McDougall  7.89lbs

Sheephead: Brad Kugum  4.87lbs

Silverbass: Rob Stewart  2.06lbs

Daily Draw:  Keegan Cahill  Ilderton