08-22-16 0

The weather is looking great and so is the fishing as locals and charters have been getting limits! The bows are being caught more east at the point aux pins all the way out to where the rock line and pipeline intersect about 4-5 miles out in about 65-70 feet of water with lines set to about 30-35 feet down. However, the fish have also been caught just around the point close to the shoreline about 2-3 miles out. The pickerel however are being caught more SE to the little horseshoe about 8-10 miles at a bearing of about 170-180 in about the same depth of water with lines set out a little deeper to about 35-40 feet. Dipsy are being run on the same program at 80 feet on a 1 setting and 100-120 on a three setting. Riggers are being set anywhere between 35-40 feet. The spoon colours are also the same with orange and purple fronts that have copper backs. Hot lips and 40 jets are also being placed out to the same distance as before at 100 feet back off of the planers.