07-09-16 0

Well the wind was a little stronger than they called for but a lot of boats still went out this morning.  They ran East to the Point and fished just East of the white Stake. Running the same program as the last few days, dipsys back 80 to 100ft on a three and riggers down around the 25ft mark.  They are catching a few walleyes on Hotlips back 130 to 150 feet off the boards.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon/Rainbow: Dick Mcilroy – Erie Beach: King Salmon 15.09 lbs 32.75″

Pickerel: Brad Kugun – Sarnia: 10.21 lbs 31.5″


Salmon/Rainbow: Mitch Formiller- Michigan: Rainbow 9.08 lbs 28″

Pickerel: Laurin Ainsworth- 9.14lbs Eriebeach

Daily Draw: Rick Smith   Warwick Twp

Sheep head – Sherry Wink 7.70lb   Ridgetown