07-08-16 0

Fishing has been the same for the last few days, but the best seems to be East at the White Stakes off the Point Of Pins.  Running the dipsys back around the 100ft  and Hotlips back the 150ft mark.  Purples, Pinks and Orange seem to be the best colour spoons.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon/Rainbow: Dick Mcilroy – Erie Beach: King Salmon 15.09 lbs 32.75″

Pickerel: Brad Kugun – Sarnia: 10.21 lbs 31.5″


Salmon/Rainbow: Mitch Formiller- Michigan: Rainbow 7.84 lbs 28″

Pickerel: Laurin Ainsworth- 9.14lbs Eriebeach

Daily Draw:

Sheep head – Sherry Wink 7.70lb   Ridgetown