Well I was fishing last night, we caught 9 walleyes West at the Rifle Range and trolled West to Dealtown, we were in 45 to 35ft of water.  All the fish come off hotlips 80ft back off the plannerboards, the other boats were using dipsys back 85 on a 3 setting with blue and pink spoons.  One other note, we were trolling 3 to 3.5 mph.

Grand Prize Board

Salmon: Joann Gault of St. Clair Shores – 7.9lb. 27.5in Rainbow

Pickerel: Andrew Hegedus of Norwich – 10.95lb. 29.5in.

Junior Board

Salmon: Cohen McDougall of Blenheim – 5.75lb. 27.5in Rainbow

Pickerel: Kailem Sobry 10.04lbs

Daily Draw

Stu Ferren


Phong Pham of London – 13.08lb. 31.25in