07-16-14 0

Congrats to all the winners in the 2014 Salmon and Pickeral Hunt. The boys are still fishing and catching walleyes SE of the harbour middle two #s 48-08 just over the rockline in about 65ft  of water. 40 jet divers back 150ft with spoons, planner boards with hotlips are still worll 150ft also.  Looks like we have some nice weather coming so lets get out and do some fishing.

Grand Prize Salmon: Larry Mailloux, Windsor – Rainbow 14.32lb 30.75in

Grand Prize Pickerel: Dennis Couture Chatham 12.07lbs

Junior Salmon: Cayden Patrick Ridgetown 9.27lbs

Junior Pickerel: Ben Rhodes Chatham 9.54lbs

Silver Bass: Scott Warriner 1.98lbs

Sheephead:  Shelly Duquette 12.70lbs

The Winner of the boat was Bill Payne.