07-11-14 0

Walleyes fishing does not get any better than it is.  Run 160degs for 10 miles middle tow # 06 55 you should be in 74ft of water.  Hotlips and Taildancers back 150ft off the planner boards and colour did not matter. Dipsys back 130ft on a 3 setting was working well also, with Shrewsbury Pro King.

Grand Prize Salmon: Larry Mailloux, Windsor – Rainbow 14.32lb 30.75in

Grand Prize Pickerel: Ron Stewart, Chatham – 10.54lb 31.5in

Junior Salmon: Ben Rhodes, Chatham – Rainbow 8.55lb 27.5in

Junior Pickerel: Lucas Fancy  8.14lbs

Silver Bass: Marcel Benn  1.83lbs

Sheephead:  Jeff Lucier  10.30lbs

Daily Draw:  Dennis Couture  Chatham