07-10-14 0

They found the walleyes after the big winds, still South of the harbour, but out in deeper water. Run 160deg till you hit 60- 65 ft of water you will be on the other side of the rock line. The boats were using planner boards and running body baits back 180ft, dipsys on a 3 setting back 170ft, worked the best. The leadcore was also working well, yup all 10 colours. The water around the Point is really cold still, didn’t here if anyone cought any fish there, but the steelhead should be in there.

Grand Prize Salmon: Larry Mailloux, Windsor – Rainbow 14.32lb 30.75in

Grand Prize Pickerel: Ron Stewart, Chatham – 10.54lb 31.5in

Junior Salmon: Ben Rhodes, Chatham – Rainbow 8.55lb 27.5in

Junior Pickerel: Danial Rodger, Blenheim – 8.04lb 28in

Silver Bass: Marcel Benn  1.83lbs

Sheephead:  Jeff Lucier  10.30lbs

Daily Draw:  Gary Pickering  Erieau