07-06-14 0

The fishing was good yesterday for some boats others had a hard time finding them, still fishing SE but out about 3 to 4 miles. Planner boards are still working the best, running the baits back 180ft. Talking to some boats that went West and even caught good number to.  The boat WHAT was fishing around the Point and down to the gas lines and caught a few steelhead, he said the water temp was 43 deg down 10ft, but not much bait.  It is going to blow for  a few days maybe it will move some bait around.

Big Salmon      Larry Mailoux   14.32lbs

Big Walleye Ron Stewart  10.54lbs

Jr Salmon Ben Rhodes 8.55lbs

Jr Walleye Daniel Rodger 8.04lbs

Daily Draw    Rick Muckle