07-13-13 0

Not much change in the report, lots of walleyes just a little West 240deg 50ft of water. Dipsyes are working well 125ft back on a 3 setting with a Jerry Lee on it.  Hotlips on the boards are still working well, 150ft back. Riggers are taken a few at 35ft down.


Derby Board

Pickerel: Zac George  12.47lbs

Salmon: Mike Speed 11.58lbs

Jr Pickerel: Mitch Formiller 10.78lbs

Jr Salmon: Ben Rhodes 12.28lbs

Biggest SilverBass: Gilles Desjardins 2.19lbs

Sheephead :  John Bell SCF  9.25lbs

Daily Prize; Bob Gauthier

Big Fish Bonus: Heather Reid walleye 10.30lbs July 12th Zac George 12.47  Walleye July 6th and Anthony Moreschini July 7th  $50 bucks cash!!