07-09-13 0

Hey we saw some steelhead yesterday, 175 deg out of the horbour for 15 miles. We are hoping that the SW winds are bring them in closer. But the Walleye are still going crazy, they are 220deg for 4 miles (middle two # 13/59),this puts you in about 40ft of water. Some guys are trolling West and others are staying right on the numbers. planner boards are working the best for catching the Walleyes with  Rapala taildancer 150ft, lots of guys are also using Hotlips back 75ft.     The legion is having bonus daily prize for July 12th and 13th for biggest fish, it $50 bucks!!

Derby Board

Pickerel: Zac George  12.47lbs

Salmon: Mike Speed 11.58lbs

Jr Pickerel: Mitch Formiller 10.78lbs

Jr Salmon: Ben Rhodes 12.28lbs

Biggest SilverBass: Gilles Desjardins 2.19lbs

Sheephead :  John Bell SCF  9.25lbs

Daily Prize; Heather Reid

Big Fish Bonus: Zac George 12.47  Walleye July 6th and Anthony Moreschini July 7th  $50 bucks cash!!