07-05-13 0

Sorry we got really busy and didn’t post yesterday.  The walleyes have gone into 30ft of water, still the same area off of Dealtown, they are trolling in North and South out to 45ft and back into 30.  Alll the boats I talked to are running the same program as before, planner boards with body baits back 150ft to 170ft, Hotlips only run them about 120ft back.  Dipsys seem to be working better, 110 back on a 3 setting with your favorite spoon on it.


Derby Board

Pickerel: Tammy Durocher  11.33lbs

Salmon: Mike Speed 11.58lbs

Jr Pickerel: Mitch Formiller 10.78lbs

Jr Salmon: Ben Rhodes 12.28lbs

Biggest SilverBass: colin Hughes 1.99lbs

Sheephead :  John Tamas  9.09lbs

Daily Prize;  Cohen McDougall