06-30-13 0

Wow what a great day of fishing. A lot of boats went West 245deg about 7 miles they picked up lots of Walleyes and a few Steelhead. Some boats fished 210 degs for 4 to 5 miles and took wallyes to. Plannerboards were working the best with any deep diving body bait, like bomber long As, Walleye divers, and Thunder sticks around 100ft back. Hotlips lips back 45 tp 60 was also working. Dipsys were back 90 to 110 ft on a 3 setting, not much going on the riggers. The hot spoons are Blue and Silver and bumble bee (Shrewsbury).  Sounds like the fish are all in the 20 to 30 range.  I saw alot of boat East of the Point yesterday but have not talked to anyone that fished it.

Derby Board

Pickerel: Dillon Ayers  11.30lbs

Salmon: Mike Speed 11.58lbs

Jr Pickerel: Mitch Formiller 10.78lbs

Jr Salmon: Ben Rhodes 12.28lbs

Biggest SilverBass: Blair McKenzie  1.18lbs

Sheephead:  No Entry

Daily Draw: Morris Cimoroni